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            泰國北欖府FORESTIAS森林館景觀設計 | TK Studio

            TKStudio 2021-09-08
            • 項目名稱:
            • 項目地點:
            • 項目規模:
              項目總面積:14,605 m2 項目景觀面積:11,435 m2
            • 設計公司:
            • 委托方:
            • 建成時間:
            • 圖片來源:


            GOALS & OBJECTIVES

            Forestias多功能新區占地63.68公頃,目前是泰國最大的房地產項目之一,已規劃一系列的開發內容,包括奇慧 公寓、桑樹林 公寓、桑樹林別墅區、山楊住宅、六感住宅、六感酒店,商業綜合體和大型醫療中心。Forestias中心是一片48000平方米的城市森林,由Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC)負責開發,它連接起Forestias內所有的開發區域,為居民們創建了一個更健康喜悅的生活環境。

            The Forestias of 63.68 hectares mix use development is currently one of the largest property projects in Thailand that covers a series of developments, including Whizdom condominiums, Mulberry Grove condominiums, Mulberry Grove Villas residences, The Aspen Tree residences, Six Senses Residences, Six Senses hotel, commercial complex and a large medical center. Developed by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC), at the center of The Forestias is a 48,000 square meter of urban forest connecting all developments within The Forestias and create a healthier and happier living for all residents.


            Masterplan of The Forestias development


            森林館(Forest Pavilion)位于Forestias的城市森林內部,是通往廣闊林區的門戶。目前森林館作為售樓處使用,未來將被改造為一個共享歡樂時刻的社區中心。

            Located within the urban forest of The Forestias—the Forest Pavilion is the entrance gateway to the broad urban forest zone. The Forest Pavilion currently functions as the sales gallery, and will be converted into a hub of residence society for sharing of joyful moments. 

            ▼森林館(Forest Pavilion)總平面圖

            Masterplan of Forest Pavilion 



            The Forest Pavilion ??

            FOREST PAVILION_03_PHOTO 1.jpg

            在城市森林的懷抱中親近自然,這種幸福是Forestias項目所倡導的一個簡單而有力的信念。 我們相信這一社區能讓所有使用者幸福感倍增。

            我們的職責是要守護居民的幸福與健康, 創造與自然共生的沉浸式生活方式?;诳茖W研究的設計策略旨在增加景觀的環境效益,且以親生物原理(Biophilia theory)為基礎來實現與大自然的和諧共處。

            Happiness—is a simple yet powerful manifesto advocated in The Forestias project of living close to nature with urban forest at the center of the development. We believe this social hub can achieve multiplied efficiency of wellbeing for all users.
            Our commitment is to support the happiness and wellness of the users and create an immersive experience of living with nature, which achieved by utilizing the scientific research as design strategies in order to increase the environment benefits of landscape, with the Biophilia theory as foundation to achieve symbiosis with nature in the project.




            Location of the project


            Forestias毗鄰 Bangna-Chon Buri 高速公路,距離素萬那普機場20公里。Forestias的地勢相對平坦,周圍均是居民區。場地內主要是粘土和排水性較差的土壤,因此設計采用了各種措施來應對這些限制,包括種植耐淹耐水的植物、設計具備排水系統的樹坑。為確保植物能茁壯生長,植物品種也都經過了精心挑選。有些樹木被栽植在護堤上,從而使它們的根球能高于地下水位。


            The Forestias is located adjacent to the Bangna-Chon Buri Expressway, 20km away from the Suvarnabhumi Airport. The site of The Forestias is relatively flat and is surrounded by residential areas. With the existing clayey and poor drain soil on site, several design measures have been applied as solutions for the site constraints—including flood and water tolerant plants, and tree pits have been designed to ensure an effective sub-drain system. Plant species has been meticulously selected to ensure that they will thrive successfully at the project site, and some tree have been planted on berms to have their root balls raised above the underground water table.
            To maximize the privacy for visitors and residents within the Forest Pavilion, dense vegetation along the site boundary and landscape elevation have been incorporated to create a visual buffer for the best exclusivity. 


            Forest Pavilion in natural setting created a visual buffer for the best exclusivity

            FOREST PAVILION_11_PHOTO 7.jpg



            眾多研究已總結出自然環境對身心健康的益處,常在自然及綠植地帶活動,能改善人的情緒、減輕壓力、緩解抑郁和焦慮?!董h境科學與技術》雜志指出,在森林和自然環境中待上15-20分鐘,將顯著降低血壓、脈搏頻率和皮質醇水平,讓人們感到更加平靜、舒適、生氣勃勃?!稓W洲健康、心理學和教育調查》雜志的研究論文表明,在戶外環境中進行體育活動,例如每周至少散步一次,比在室內進行適度或劇烈的體育運動更加有益健康。而生物多樣性的增加,以及與健康綠色環境的聯系,也將增強人們的免疫系統和社會互動。以色列加利利醫療中心發現,維生素 D 的存在是抵御冠狀病毒并使人康復的關鍵。此外,維生素D可以幫助緩解抑郁和其他相關的健康問題。


            The benefits of natural environment for mental and physical health have been summarised from a series of researches that interaction with nature and neighbourhood with vegetation cover can enhance human’s emotion, reducing stress, have lower levels of depression and anxiety. Also, a journal from the Environmental Science & Technology stated that a 15-20 minutes exposure to forest and natural environment will significantly help to lower their blood pressure, pulse rate and cortisol levels, as people will feel more calm, comfortable and refreshed. In the research paper from <European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education>, it suggested that physical activities performed in outdoor environment, such as walking at least once a week have more benefits than moderate to vigorous physical activities indoor. And the increase of biodiversity and linkage to healthy green environment will also enhance the immune system of people and the social interaction. Galilee Medical Center in Israel has discovered that presence of Vitamin D is the key for protection and recovery against the coronavirus. Moreover, Vitamin D can help reduce depression and other related health issues. 
            We have integrated all mentioned knowledge to become the design strategies for the Forest Pavilion. Therefore, we have proposed the concept of symbiosis with nature in the landscape design of the Forest Pavilion. The landscape design concept embraces three objectives: planting the future of symbiosis with nature, immersing the wilderness, and balancing the human activities and the growth of an urban forest. The outdoor landscape and planting have been designed sustainably to support human interaction with nature—it integrates and encourages visitors to access to nature through direct and indirect connection. 


            Concept diagram



            The Forest Pavilion is surrounded by eco forests with balanced light and shade areas, and also provides interactive landscape for benefits from being outdoor. Hence, the conditions of the site have been carefully analyzed and make the most out of those conditions in order to design a landscape that attracts people go outdoor and to enjoy the quality of natural environment. Users will achieve the benefits of exercising without feeling forced to do so. At the Forest Pavilion, people will have a glance of the prototype of living with nature. We value the opportunity to design this landscape for showcasing the benefits of living with nature.




            The landscape design at the Forest Pavilion demonstrates exactly those potential benefits of nature. We decided to dedicate the majority of area as green space that can be seen from every angle of the Forest Pavilion project and creating multifunctional landscape features to minimize the functional space. The outdoor landscape has been designed to support functions, which will set in nature among lush planting design, and pleasant landscape features.


            Bird eye view of the green space

            FOREST PAVILION_12_PHOTO 8.jpg


            As visitors arrive the Forest Pavilion, they will come in at the canopy tree plaza or reach the parking area with EV charging stations. When they enter the grand drop off plaza, visitors can see the special pavement design of leaves-shaped tiles imprinted on the plaza pavement, which represent the falling leaves from the feature trees—scattered and mark the threshold to the urban forest, with the background of the iconic building. The south wing will be used as reception lobby and administration; while the north wing will be used as show units of Mulberry Grove Condominium, Whizdom, and the Aspen Tree residence.


            Drop off looking from nature walk

            FOREST PAVILION_08_PHOTO 4.jpg

            標志性的銷售處建筑,再加上Sala Thai(泰式涼亭)和蝴蝶式屋頂結構,呈現出了當地文化與自然的結合。 受建筑形式的啟發,景觀設計的主旨是對僵直的建筑網格形式進行轉化和柔化,使之流暢地融入城市森林的自由形態中。 因此,在自然景觀的陪襯下,蝴蝶形建筑如同被賦予了生命力,在令人愉悅的自然中蘇醒過來。

            The iconic sales gallery building with the shape of Sala Thai (Thai style pavilion) and butterfly roof structure represents the mixture of local culture and nature. Inspired by the form of architecture, the main landscape design idea is to transform and soften the rigid form of architectural grid into the natural freeform of the urban forest. Consequently, the butterfly-shaped building will be brought to life with the natural landscape setting, revives to the delightful form of nature.


            The iconic sales gallery building with the butterfly roof structure

            FOREST PAVILION_07_PHOTO 3.jpg


            Back view of the sales gallery building and the butterfly roof structure

            FOREST PAVILION_25_PHOTO 21.jpg

            人們可以從森林館的玻璃幕墻向外欣賞到360度的自然全景。自然景觀也將映射在玻璃外墻上,讓室內外空間融合在一起。 此外,玻璃外墻也使得森林館的大部分空間擁有充足的自然光線。 廣場、水景、開闊的草坪、臺階等景觀元素,也從建筑形式簡化為自然的自由形式,使建筑與景觀的設計流暢地銜接起來。

            The glass cladded building will provide panoramic nature views looking out from the Forest Pavilion building. Nature will be reflected on the glass cladded building, seamlessly connecting the space indoor and outdoor. Meanwhile, the glass cladding of the building allows abundant natural light into most spaces of the Forest Pavilion. Landscape elements, such as plaza, water feature, open lawn, and step have been simplified from the form of architecture to the loose form of nature, resulting a seamless flow of design between architecture and landscape.


            Bird eye view of the stepped water feature

            FOREST PAVILION_13_PHOTO 9.jpg


            Amphitheater and event lawn

            FOREST PAVILION_14_PHOTO 10.jpg

            銷售結束后,森林館將被改建為供Forestias 居民和公眾使用的展覽中心。為了確保隱私和安全,將實行分流和安保防控。 此外,還將分別為居民和公眾設計獨立的空中步道系統,從而讓大家都能從一層行至二層,并能俯瞰Forestias 的森林景觀。這些步道旨在吸引人們探索戶外景觀,當人們行走其間欣賞時,能感受到森林的遼闊、擁有開闊的視野,以及體會到神清氣爽、還有自我滿足感。

            After the sales period, the Forest Pavilion will be converted to an exhibition center for both the residents at The Forestias and the public. Separated circulations and security control will be implemented to ensure the privacy and security. In addition, separated skywalk systems for private residences and public will be designed to lead people from the ground floor up to the second floor and overlook to the urban forest at The Forestias. They are designed to attract people to explore the outdoor landscape—when people are overlooking the space from the skywalks, it gives pleasant feeling of vastness, broad vision, self-contentment and refreshing perspectives.


            Bird eye view of the skywalk

            FOREST PAVILION_09_PHOTO 5.jpg


            Dense canopy and sky walk

            FOREST PAVILION_16_PHOTO 12.jpg


            Nature walk

            FOREST PAVILION_15_PHOTO 11.jpg


            Residents wander in the nature

            FOREST PAVILION_17_PHOTO 13.jpg

            我們對售樓處的視覺效果進行了仔細研究。 三層樓的展示單元的室內房間到室外景觀的視覺效果,也都做了分析,以確保人們在上下樓時,能看到不同的森林植被景觀。 從一樓可看到許多樹干矗立在垂直的水景之間,展現出令人放松的景色;在二樓,訪客將看到瀑布的頂部,抬頭時則會看到樹冠,正是宜人的城市森林氛圍;在最高的三樓,訪客將欣賞到茂密蔥郁的樹冠,這也起到視覺屏障的作用,來確保與場館相鄰的居民隱私。 此外,在展示館的室外花園中,5米高的瀑布和森林植被為展示館增添了宜人的背景,并遮蔽了后方的住宅通道,呈現出一幅寧靜如畫的風景。

            Visual effect has been carefully studied at the sales gallery building. For the 3-storey of show units, the visual study from indoor rooms to outdoor landscape have been examined to ensure the views of varying forest planting scenes as they move up or down the floors. On the ground floor, many tree trunks standing among the vertical water feature will be seen, creating a soothing landscape scenery; on the second floor, visitors will see the top of the waterfall feature and looking up to the sky people will see tree canopies, resulting a pleasant vibe of urban forest; on the highest third floor, visitors will be able to enjoy the dense, lush green canopies, while the visual barrier will ensure the privacy of the residences adjacent to the site. Moreover, at the outdoor garden of the show units, a 5 meters tall waterfall feature and the forest planting create a pleasant backdrop for the show units and screen out the residence pathway behind, resulting a tranquil picturesque landscape.


            Top view of 5-meter tall waterfall

            FOREST PAVILION_10_PHOTO 6.jpg


            5-meter tall waterfall

            FOREST PAVILION_20_PHOTO 16.jpg

            當訪客從僵硬的人造展示館走向草坪區附近的有機自然景觀時,氛圍也由此轉變。標志性的梯形石頭組采用簡化的建筑形式,將被堆疊和排列為座位區、路徑或水景等各式組合。 在活動草坪旁,水從出水口沿著堆疊的階梯流淌而下。低臺階區域還安裝了小型噴水器,為孩子們創造出一個水上游樂場。堆疊的水景臺階逐漸向草坪散開,營造出水流飛濺在草坪上的感覺。

            The atmosphere changed from the rigid, manmade show units building as visitors walk towards the organic, natural landscape near the open lawn area. The signature trapezium unit of stones come from the simplified form of architecture, which will be stacked and arrayed as various combinations of seating areas, paths, and water features. Next to the event lawn, water flows from the water outlets to the stacking of water feature steps. Small water fountain jets have been installed at the lower step area to create a water play plaza for children. Stacks of water feature steps gradually scatter towards the lawn, creating the illusion of water flow and splash on the event lawn.


            Children playing at the stepped water feature

            FOREST PAVILION_18_PHOTO 14.jpg


            Details of the stepped water feature

            FOREST PAVILION_24_PHOTO 20.jpg

            Forest Pavilion將按照國際環境標準SITES、WELL和LEED設置一系列可持續的景觀設計元素。綠色和藍色空間,包括草坪、森林、蓄水池和水景,都位于距森林館100米的步行距離內,并允許所有住戶在開放時間內進入。為符合環境和安全設計要求,鋪裝材料也經過仔細了選擇。此外,所有入選的植物品種都將達到SITES的設計標準,即大部分都屬于低維護、需水量少、非侵入性的品種。

            景觀設計中采用特殊的種植設計方案。在入口處,種植了雨樹(Samanea saman (Jacq.)Merr.作為森林館的地標。在深入售樓處的內部庭院中,特別選擇了低維護的植物品種組合,濃密的樹冠將作為森林館和周圍住宅間的視覺阻隔,從而確保住戶擁有高度的隱私。

            A series of sustainable landscape design elements will be installed at the Forest Pavilion following the international environmental standards of SITES, WELL, and LEED. Green and blue spaces, including lawn, forest, detention pond, and water features are all located within 100 meters walking distance from the Forest Pavilion building and are accessible to all regular building occupants during open hours of the space. Paving materials have been carefully selected to fulfill environmental and safety design requirements. In addition, all plants species selected will attain the design standard of SITES, with the majority of low maintenance, less water required and non-invasive species. 
            Special planting design schemes have been applied in the landscape design. At the entrance area, feature Samanea saman (Jacq.) Merr. (Chamchuri tree) will be planted as the landmark of the Forest Pavilion. When moving to the inner courtyard further from the sales gallery building, a mix of plant species will be specifically selected with low maintenance requirement, and with dense canopies to act as visual buffer zones between the Forest Pavilion and its surrounding residences, ensuring the highest privacy of all users.


            Lush plants in the inner courtyard of the sales gallery building

            FOREST PAVILION_21_PHOTO 17.jpg

            我們從2017年出版的《生物科學》雜志中了解到,與自然更親近的人通常更快樂。 此外,著名心理學教授卡普蘭斯也證明,當人們看到綠色空間時,健康和幸福感都得到提升。 因此,我們將最大化項目場地內的植被覆蓋率。 在森林館中,我們計劃種植一個混合了183種本土物種、23258棵樹苗的宮脅生態林。這樣便在森林館中實現了60%的植被覆蓋,例如 20%的生態森林、3%的生態沼澤、22%的常規軟景和15%的草坪。這一植被覆蓋比例可以確保所有居民的心理健康。


            As we have learnt from the BioScience journal issued in 2017 that people who are more connected with nature are happier in general. In addition, the famous psychology professors, Kaplans, have also proven that as people see a green space, it can improve the health and wellbeing. We have therefore maximized the vegetation cover within the project site. At Forest Pavilion, we intended to create a Miyawaki eco forest with mix of 183 indigenous species and a total of 23,258 saplings. As a result of this, there is 60% of vegetation cover we have provided at the Forest Pavilion, such as 20% of eco forest, 3% of bioswale, 22% of general softscape, and 15% of lawn. With this percentage of vegetation cover, we can ensure the good mental health of all residents. 
            This dynamic eco forest landscape is a living paradise that will grow and evolve along with the current and future generations, and residents become a part of this evolving ecosystem, where they will have intimate connections with natural processes and memorable experience of the forest growth first-hand.


            Biodiversity in Forest Pavilion

            FOREST PAVILION_05_PHOTO 2.jpg



            森林館和Forestias 中其他開發項目的設計都經過了扎實的研究,來確保實現所有用戶的幸福,并提供了豐富的設施和活動。它將成為所有居民的聚集地,可在節日期間舉辦活動,或為休閑活動提供私密空間。Forestias的住戶和周邊住宅的居民都可以來享受這些戶外空間,進而創造一個充滿包容性的當地社區。




            The Forest Pavilion and the other developments at The Forestias have been designed with solid researches to support the happiness of all users, which provides a variety of amenities and activities. It will be the gathering place for all residents, holding events at festivals, and providing privacy space for relaxing activities. All residents within The Forestias and the surrounding housing projects can come and enjoy these outdoor spaces, creating an inclusive local community. 
            The scale of natural environment here has been extended further beyond any typical urban environment we usually see. At the Forest Pavilion, visitors will enjoy a refreshing experience of living with nature. It will be the demonstrating place of urban forest living among the urban fabric; hence people will discover comfortable natural environment and the importance of integrated sustainable design with a high quality of modern lifestyle.
            Forest Pavilion is the ideal living sanctuary that demonstrates happiness of dwelling within the urban forest. A good quality of environment will lead good health and long life of residents, and it also create a kind and warm society, for generations of families. Residents will share mutual benefits with nature harmoniously, learning how to be part of nature and raising awareness to create a better and more sustainable world. 
            As the community evolves, we will continue to observe the growth of the community. So that the project will become valuable data and be inspiration to future developments in Thailand. It can be a turning point of the housing developments in the country and lead to a series of high quality housing projects. Following this prototype, it will definitely create a better living environment for all people.

            項目名稱:FOREST PAVILION, THE FORESTIAS,泰國北欖府

            景觀設計:TK STUDIO CO., LTD.

            首席景觀設計師:Tawatchai Kobkaikit


            Nantawan Sirisup 

            Punyada Klinpaka

            Passaporn Shompoopun 

            Nottaporn Gatewattanatorn

            Patcharanat Phokhinthanasiri

            Nikom Mangiew 

            Sirikun Thirawatthanaset

            Tummanoon Jaitheing

            Wasin Somsak



            建筑設計: FOSTER + PARTNERS

            本土建筑設計:DT DESIGN

            室內設計:BUG & DT DESIGN

            結構和土木工程:EEC LINCOLNE SCOTT



            硬景承包商:CHRISTIANI & NIELSEN(泰國)



            可持續發展顧問:ATELIER TEN LTD.



            項目總面積:14,605 m2

            項目景觀面積:11,435 m2 


            設計時間: 2018年10月 – 2019年11月

            建造時間:2019年12月 – 2020年8月

            Project name: FOREST PAVILION, THE FORESTIAS, Samut Prakan, Thailand 

            Landscape Design: TK STUDIO CO., LTD.

            Chief Landscape Designer: Tawatchai Kobkaikit


            Nantawan Sirisup 

            Punyada Klinpaka

            Passaporn Shompoopun 

            Nottaporn Gatewattanatorn

            Patcharanat Phokhinthanasiri

            Nikom Mangiew 

            Sirikun Thirawatthanaset

            Tummanoon Jaitheing

            Wasin Somsak

            Website: http://tkstudio.co.th/ 

            Project teams: 

            Architect: FOSTER + PARTNERS

            Local Architect: DT DESIGN

            Interior Designer: BUG & DT DESIGN

            Structural and Civil Engineer: EEC LINCOLNE SCOTT


            Lighting Specialist: APLD

            Hardscape Contractor: CHRISTIANI & NIELSEN (THAI)

            Softscape Contractor: CPS

            Quantity Surveyor: AECOM (THAILAND)

            Sustainability consultant: ATELIER TEN LTD.



            Total Area: 14,605 m2

            Landscape Area: 11,435 m2

            Location: Bangkaew Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province, Thailand

            Design year: 10/2018 - 11/2019

            Year Built: 12/2019 - 08/2020









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